Referencing Lookups

A special lookup function in the mapper enables you to call a lookup from a mapping to determine the value to populate into a field when transferring data between applications.

To reference a lookup from a data mapping:
  1. Drag the source to a target to create a simple mapping.
  2. Click the target node to launch the Mapping Builder.
  3. In the Mapping Builder, click Mapping Components.
  4. Type lookupValue in the Find field, and click Find.
  5. Drag the function onto the mapping statement.

    The mapper prompts you to select a previously created lookup.

  6. Search by lookup name.
    When you select a lookup in the Lookup Tables column, you see preview data for that lookup on the right based on the connections you selected as the source and target.
  7. Select a lookup and click Use.
  8. The system automatically populates the following parameters in the lookup function:
    • dvmLocation: with the lookup name you selected
    • srcColumn: with the source application type
    • srcValue: with the existing mapping expression
    • targetColumn: with the target application type
  9. Enter a defaultValue parameter. This is the value sent to the target if the lookup function is unable to find a match for the value passed from the source.
  10. Click Save and Close.


Lookups referenced using the lookupValue function in the Expression Builder are included in an exported integration JAR file. When you import the integration, the referenced lookups are also imported and are visible in the Expression Builder. For information exporting integrations, see Exporting an Integration.