Apache Kafka Adapter Capabilities

The Apache Kafka Adapter enables you to create an integration in Oracle Integration that connects to an Apache Kafka messaging system. The Apache Kafka Adapter connects to the Apache Kafka distributed publish-subscribe messaging system from Oracle Integration and allows for the publishing and consumption of messages from a Kafka topic.

The Apache Kafka Adapter provides the following benefits:

  • Establishes a connection to the Apache Kafka messaging system to enable messages to be published and consumed.
  • Consumes messages from a Kafka topic and produces messages to a Kafka topic in the invoke (outbound) direction.


    Message consumption in the inbound direction is only supported with use of the on-premises connectivity agent.
  • Consumes messages from a topic based on a specified frequency in the trigger (inbound) direction.
  • Enables you to browse the available metadata using the Adapter Endpoint Configuration Wizard (that is, the topics and partitions to which messages are published and consumed).
  • Supports a consumer group.
  • Supports headers.
  • Supports the following message structures:
    • Avro schema

      This schema is applicable for the following scenarios:

      • Producing and consuming messages - Invoke connections (supported with both direct connectivity and the connectivity agent)
      • Consuming messages - Trigger connections (supported with the connectivity agent only)
    • Sample JSON
    • XML schema (XSD) and schema archive upload
    • Sample XML
  • Supports the following security policies:
    • Simple Authentication and Security Layer Plain (SASL/PLAIN)
    • SASL Plain over SSL
    • TLS
    • Mutual TLS
  • Supports direct connectivity to an Apache Kafka messaging system over SSL.
  • Supports connectivity to an on-premises Apache Kafka messaging system through the connectivity agent.
  • Supports integration with the Confluent Kafka platform to produce and consume messages.
  • Supports optionally configuring the Kafka producer to be transactional. This enables an application to send messages to multiple partitions atomically. See Topic & Partition Page.

See http://kafka.apache.org/.

The Apache Kafka Adapter is one of many predefined adapters included with Oracle Integration. You can configure the Apache Kafka Adapter as a trigger connection and an invoke connection in an integration in Oracle Integration.