About Automation Anywhere Adapter Use Cases

You can use the Automation Anywhere Adapter in the following scenarios.

Integrate with Applications without Adapters or APIs

The Automation Anywhere Adapter offers a way to integrate with applications that don't have an adapter in Oracle Integration and don't expose APIs.

This adapter simplifies the discovery of bots that have been created and deployed in Automation Anywhere Control Room. Bots, created with RPA technology, can be invoked from an integration flow to interact with applications and systems previously unreachable to Oracle Integration. Using the adapter, you can add work items to queues, instruct bots to begin execution, and receive responses from bots.

Similarly, you can employ the Automation Anywhere Adapter to utilize an application's modified or extended functionality that's not accessible through APIs or other adapters.

Automate Repetitive Human Tasks

You can use the Automation Anywhere Adapter to automate simple repetitive tasks usually performed by a human.

RPA bots can efficiently perform repetitive tasks, like data entry, that don't involve decision making. In Oracle Integration, you can trigger these transactions automatically using the Automation Anywhere Adapter.