Box Adapter Capabilities

The Box Adapter is one of many predefined adapters included with Oracle Integration. You can configure the Box Adapter as a connection, and then create an integration with Box.

Box offers content management and file sharing as a cloud service. Box provides a place to manage, secure, share, and govern all content for your internal and external collaboration and processes.

The Box Adapter offers both outbound and inbound integration with Box on the Oracle Integration platform. You can create outbound integrations that invoke the Box application so you can manage content and work with metadata from a file and folder perspective. You can also create inbound integrations that trigger a notification from Box when a specific file or folder event occurs.

The Box Adapter provides the following benefits:

  • Lets you perform file operations such as get information about a file; download, upload, delete, or copy a file; and apply a watermark to a file.

  • Lets you perform folder operations such a get information about a folder; create, update, or delete a folder; and apply a watermark to a folder.

  • Lets you attach metadata enterprise templates to files and folders. These templates are essentially custom business objects that consist of a set of user-defined properties. You can create an enterprise template instance, and then attach it to files and folders. Also, you can attach more than one type of enterprise template instance to a file or folder.
  • Lets you use webhooks to detect events in realtime in Box such as when a folder is created or a file is modified.