Activate the Integration

Activate the Integration

After you complete the integration with a desired XML Gateway message, you can activate the integration.

  1. On the Integrations page, click the switch icon for the "PROCESS PO" integration that you created earlier to activate the integration.

  2. The Confirmation dialog appears. Click Activate to confirm the action.

    Notice that the status of the "PROCESS PO" integration changes to ACTIVE.

Record the Integration Endpoint in Oracle Integration

After activating the integration, you need to obtain the integration endpoint URL by clicking the Integration Details icon ("i") for the "PROCESS PO" integration. A pop-up window appears. Record the endpoint URL information.

In this example, the endpoint URL should be like:

https://<Oracle Integration Host>:<Port>/ic/api/integration/v1/flows/ebusiness/PROCESS_PO/1.0/metadata

This recorded integration endpoint URL (without the metadata at the end) will be used as the protocol address value when defining a trading partner in the post integration configuration, as described in Configure Trading Partner Information for Post Integration.