Add the Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter as an Invoke (Target) Connection

After adding the source connection in the integration “EBS Java Service Demo”, you can add the Oracle E-Business Suite connection "EBSDemo" as an invoke (target) connection in the integration.

Perform the following steps to add the Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter as an invoke (target) connection:

  1. In the Create Order integration canvas, search the "EBSDemo" connection that you created earlier from the Connections panel.

  2. Drag EBSDemo from the Connections panel on the right to the Target area on the canvas.

    The Configure Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter Endpoint wizard appears.

  3. In the Basic Info page, enter the following information for your endpoint:

    • What do you want to call your endpoint? - Enter "EBS_Reference".

    • What does this endpoint do? - Enter "Get person absence details".

    Click Next.

  4. In the Web Services page, specify the following information for your target connection:

    Description of java_web_service.gif follows
    Description of the illustration java_web_service.gif
    • Product Family: Select "Human Resources Suite" from the drop-down list.

    • Product: Select "Human Resources".

    • Interface Type: Select "Java" from the list.

    After you select a desired product family, a product, and an interface type, a list of Java APIs including Oracle seeded APIs and custom ones contained in the selected product "Human Resources" is populated for further selection.

    Select a desired Java API name, such as “Self-Service HR”. The corresponding API internal name and description are automatically populated.

    Click Next.

  5. The selected API internal name appears in the Operations page.

    Description of java_operations.gif follows
    Description of the illustration java_operations.gif
    • Method: Select a desired method name contained in the selected “Self-Service HR” API for this invoke (target) connection. For example, select "Get Person Absence Type Balances".

    • Operation: Select “Read” as the value from the drop-down list.

    Click Next.

  6. The Summary page displays all the selected interface details. This information includes the selected "getPersonAbsenceBalanceDtls" Method and Operation “Read” (with "Ready to Use" status) contained in the selected Java REST web service from the Human Resources Suite product family and Human Resources product. This page also displays the default interaction pattern "Synchronize" for the selected service operation.

    The Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter Target Endpoint configuration is successfully created.

    Description of java_summary.gif follows
    Description of the illustration java_summary.gif

    Click Done.

  7. Click Save to save your work.

The connection for Oracle E-Businses Suite now appears in the Invoke (Target) area on the canvas.