Establish an Oracle E-Business Suite Connection for Publishing XML Gateway Messages

Perform the following steps to establish the connection for Oracle E-Business Suite in Oracle Integration:

  1. In the navigation pane, click Home > Integrations > Connections.

  2. On the Connections page, click Create.

  3. In the Create Connection - Select Adapter dialog appears.

    You can locate the Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter by entering a full or partial name to locate "Oracle E-Business Suite" from the dialog.

    Click the Select button for "Oracle E-Business Suite". The Create Connection dialog appears.

  4. Enter the following information for your connection:

    • Connection Name: Enter "Purchasing" as the connection name.

    • Identifier: Accept the default identifier for your Oracle E-Business Suite connection, such as "PURCHASING".

    • Keywords: Leave this blank.
    • Connection Role: Select the "Trigger and Invoke" role for this connection.

    • Description: Enter description information for your connection, such as "Create an Oracle E-Business Suite Purchasing connection".

    Click Create to create the connection. The Connection Details page is displayed for the "Purchasing" connection.

  5. Enter additional connection details by specifying the following information:

    • In the Connection Properties section, enter a URL (http://<Oracle E-Business Suite host name>:<port>) to connect to an Oracle E-Business Suite instance.

    • In the Security section, ensure that "Basic Authentication" is selected as the security policy.

      Enter operations as the user name and its associated password to access the Oracle E-Business Suite Purchasing instance you specified earlier in the Connection Properties section.

  6. Click Test to test the "Purchasing" connection you just specified.

  7. When complete, click Save and then click Back button.