Description of Review Topology Page

This image shows the Review Topology page. On the left side is the Setup and Maintenance header. Below this is the Tasks link. Below this is the Implementations section, with links for Getting Started, Configure Offerings, and Manage Implementation Projects. Below this is the Setup Data Export and Import section, with links for Manage Configuration Packages and Manage Export and Import Processes. Below this is the Implementation Objects section, with links for Manage Offerings and Functional Areas, Manage Features, Manage Business Processes, manage Task Lists and Tasks, and Manage Business Objects. Below that is the Topology Objects section, with links for Manage Domains, Manage Enterprise Applications, Manage Third Party Applications, Manage Modules, and Manage Composites. Below this is the Topology Registration section, with a link for Review Topology. Below this is the Search: Tasks section.

On the right is the Review Topology section. Below this are tabs for Summary, Detail, and Diagnostic Tests. Below this are the View list, Format list, Freeze button, Detach button, Wrap button, and Download Domain Connections button. Below this is a table with columns for Name, External Server, Host, External Server, Port, Enterprise Environment, and Context Root.