Use the importBulkData Operation and its Parameters

If you use the importBulkData operation through the ERPIntegrationService web service. InterfaceDetails is not mandatory as importBulkData should implicitly find out based on job and package name. Is that not the case? However, ExtractFileType is required for callback process to zip log/out files and upload to UCM. If job parameters are incorrect, it should throw fault as job will fail to execute. However properties in <jobOptions> such as ExtractFileType is not a parameter and not mandatory. We should extend our troubleshooting section in our doc to include this. We should also enforce customer to use ERP adapter import wizard instead of SOAP adapter - they are not getting any extra features by going through SOAP adapter with CRUD option.

See Using External Data Integration Services for Oracle ERP Cloud of External Data Integration Services for Oracle Cloud: Overview.