About File Server

File Server provides an embedded SFTP server within Oracle Integration, enabling organizations to focus on building integrations without needing to host and maintain a separate SFTP server.

File Server Users

The primary users of File Server include:

  • Oracle Integration administrators, who use File Server to manage server settings and configure users, groups, and folders, including permissions. To administer File Server as described in this guide, you must be assigned the ServiceAdministrator role in Oracle Integration. See Oracle Integration Service Roles in Provisioning and Administering Oracle Integration and Oracle Integration for SaaS, Generation 2.

  • Oracle Integration developers, who use File Server along with the FTP adapter in integrations to read and write files.

  • Oracle Integration users, who access File Server using an SFTP client. These users must be configured and enabled as users in File Server. Their access is controlled by their assigned folders and folder permissions.


Before use, File Server must be enabled for the Oracle Integration instance. Enabling File Server is a one time action completed in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure by an administrator with manage access to the instance. See Enable File Server.

File Server REST APIs

APIs are provided for File Server administration, as described in REST API for File Server in Oracle Integration.