Configure the Extract Bulk Data Option in an Integration

You can use the extract bulk data option in an orchestrated integration. This section provides a high-level design of an integration using this feature.


You must schedule and create the HCM data extract in Oracle HCM Cloud. It must be configured with a delivery option of type WebCenter Content. When configuring this delivery option, the Integration Name field must be populated with a unique value that is later specified in the What is the Integration Name for HCM Extracts field of the Operations page when configuring the Oracle HCM Cloud Adapter.

To configure an extract bulk data integration:
  1. Create a scheduled, orchestrated integration pattern.
  2. Add a schedule parameter to store the processed Document ID and initialize it with a value of 0. An HCM extract is associated with a Document ID. Once the extract is processed by the integration, the ID is stored in the schedule parameter. This value is required as input by the data extract operation in the Oracle HCM Cloud Adapter.
  3. Drag the Oracle HCM Cloud Adapter to the invoke section of the integration canvas and configure the extract bulk data operation.
  4. Configure the mapper for the data extract operation and map the schedule parameter with the lastProcessedDocumentID field.
  5. Drag a Stage File action to the integration canvas. This invokes the Configure Stage File Action wizard.
    1. On the Configure Operation page, select the Read File in Segments operation.
    2. Map the filename and directory from the data extract response payload in the Expression Builder:
      • XPath to filename: $getFile/nsmpr2:GetFileResponse/nsmpr2:HcmDataExtractResponse/nsmpr2:ICSFile/nsmpr1:Properties/nsmpr1:filename

      • XPath to directory: $getFile/nsmpr2:GetFileResponse/nsmpr2:HcmDataExtractResponse/nsmpr2:ICSFile/nsmpr1:Properties/nsmpr1:directory

    3. On the Schema Options page, select an existing schema from the file system.
      1. On the Format Definition page, upload the extract schema. This schema should belong to the HCM extract and must be exported from Oracle HCM Cloud.

      2. For the Select Repeating Batch Element field, click the Expression Builder icon. The extract schema is shown in the Source tree.

      3. Identify and select the repeating element from the schema.

    4. In the Stage File scope, use any appropriate adapter to process the extract.
  6. Immediately after the Stage File scope, assign the processed Document ID in the schedule parameter. This enables you to use this value the next time the Oracle HCM Cloud Adapter is invoked.