Upload a File to Oracle WebCenter Content

You can upload a file to Oracle WebCenter Content (Universal Content Manager) with the Oracle HCM Cloud Adapter. The file to upload can be either encrypted or unencrypted. This section provides a high-level overview for performing this scenario.

To upload a file to Oracle WebCenter Content:
  1. Create an Oracle HCM Cloud Adapter connection with the Invoke role. During connection configuration, you can select to optionally encrypt the file to upload by selecting the PGP Public Key for UCM Upload checkbox.
  2. Create an orchestrated integration.
  3. Drag the Oracle HCM Cloud Adapter to the invoke part of the integration canvas. This invokes the Adapter Endpoint Configuration Wizard.
  4. On the Actions page, select File Upload to WebCenter (UCM).
  5. On the Operations page, select the following mandatory values:
    • Security Group: Select the security group to which the file to upload belongs. A security group is a set of files grouped under a unique name. Every file in the UCM server repository belongs to a security group. Access to security groups is controlled by permissions assigned to roles on the content server. Roles are assigned to users where they are maintained on Oracle Fusion Applications. The default security group in Fusion Applications FAFusionImportExport.

    • Doc Account: Select the doc account for the file to upload. In Fusion Applications, every content item has an account assigned to it. You must have the appropriate permission to the account such as read and/or write. Access to the document is the intersection between account permissions and security group permissions.

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  6. If you selected to encrypt the file to upload on the Connections page in Step 1, select Encrypt the File.
  7. Once the UCM file upload endpoint is saved, provide the reference to the file to upload to UCM.

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    You can also override the security group and doc account that you previously set by hard coding new values in the mapper that receive reference during runtime.
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    If file upload is successful, a document ID is returned. Use the document ID for downstream processing.

  8. Complete design of the integration.