Oracle Hospitality Adapter Capabilities

The Oracle Hospitality Adapter enables you to integrate an OPERA Cloud Property Management (PMS) application with other Oracle and non-Oracle applications.

Implement the Oracle Hospitality Adapter as follows:

  • Integrate OPERA Cloud PMS with other Oracle Cloud applications such as Oracle ERP Cloud

  • Integrate OPERA Cloud PMS with any non-Oracle applications such as CRS applications

The Oracle Hospitality Adapter provides trigger (inbound) and invoke (outbound) support. This enables you to trigger an integration in Oracle Integration to get OPERA Cloud PMS business events or invoke OPERA Cloud PMS using the available REST APIs.

Both inbound and outbound services leverage the REST APIs exposed by the Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP). All inbound and outbound service structure is exposed using REST only (no SOAP support).

To successfully create a connection with the Oracle Hospitality Adapter, you must first register your application within the OHIP Customer Portal. See the Hospitality Documentation page.

OAuth 2.0 Support

The Oracle Hospitality Adapter uses the OHIP security policy, which is based on the Open Authorization (OAuth 2.0 ) security policy for REST-based connections.

This enables you to configure the Oracle Hospitality Adapter to consume an API protected with OAuth 2.0 token-based authentication. Under token-based authentication, OAuth resource owner password credentials are supported. This policy is useful for when the basic authentication security policy is not sufficient.

Most HTTP or HTTPS services typically use the OAuth authorization framework to protect their resources. In accordance with the OAuth 2.0 specification, the OAuth 2.0 authorization framework enables a third-party application to obtain limited access to an HTTP service. This is either on behalf of a resource owner by orchestrating an approval interaction between the resource owner and the HTTP service or by enabling the third-party application to obtain access on its own behalf.

See Configure Connection Security.

The Oracle Hospitality Adapter is one of many predefined adapters included with Oracle Integration. You can configure the Oracle Hospitality Adapter as a trigger or invoke connection in an integration in Oracle Integration.