Migrate Users and Roles

You can migrate users and role memberships for Oracle Cloud services from the traditional cloud accounts used by Oracle Integration Cloud Service and Oracle Process Cloud Service to Oracle Integration accounts managed with Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

See Migrate from Traditional Cloud Accounts to Cloud Accounts with Identity Cloud Service of Administering Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

In migrating users, groups, and memberships from SIM to IDCS, note the following issues:
  • Oracle Integration Cloud Service and Oracle Process Cloud Service role names map to different application role names in Oracle Integration. See Map Between Traditional Cloud Roles and Application Roles in Oracle Identity Cloud Service.
  • You must export users, groups and their memberships from My Services and then import them into IDCS. It is EXTREMELY important that the names use the same case.
  • The minimum password length is eight characters for traditional cloud accounts. This differs from Oracle Identity Cloud Service accounts, where the minimum length is 12 characters. If you want to allow the use of traditional cloud account passwords, change the minimum length of the custom password policy in Oracle Identity Cloud Service to eight characters. See Migrate Users.

As an alternative, you can manually add users, groups, and roles if you have a small number of users. See Grant Access and Manage Security of Administering Oracle Integration.