Why Migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle encourages you to migrate your existing cloud resources from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic regions. You can gain several advantages by doing so.

In Oracle Cloud, you provision resources in specific regions, which are localized to geographic locations. Certain regions support the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is Oracle's modern cloud platform that's based on the latest cloud technologies and standards. It provides more consistent performance and better features at lower costs. Oracle continues to invest in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, including the addition of new regions, services, and features. See Data Regions for Platform and Infrastructure Services.

You can benefit from these additional administrative features when you migrate your cloud resources to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure:

  • Organize cloud resources into a hierarchy of logical compartments.
  • Create fine-grained access policies for each compartment.

Key Feature Benefits of Oracle Integration on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Migrating your Oracle Integration Cloud Service and Oracle Process Cloud Service instances to Oracle Integration on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure lets you take advantage of the substantial product features and enhancements included in Oracle Integration, all available on a unified platform.


New features are continuously being released on Oracle Integration. These new features are not being released on Oracle Integration Cloud Service or Oracle Process Cloud Service. See What's New for Oracle Integration.

Here are some recent key Integrations and adapter features and enhancements:

  • Connectivity agent high availability support
  • Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud (Taleo EE) Adapter
  • Oracle HCM Cloud Adapter - HCM Atom feed and HCM data extracts support
  • SOAP Adapter- Dynamic endpoint discovery support

Here are some recent key Processes features and enhancements:

  • Dynamic processes (case management)
  • Notification enhancements in human workflow
  • Enhanced DMN modeling and integrated lifecycle with Processes
  • Integration with robotic process automation
  • Improved web forms and developer capabilities (including enhanced debugging)
  • Improved interoperability with integration flows