Import Process Design-Time Metadata

Use the Process import tool to automatically move Process and decision design-time metadata from one instance to another. The tool moves process applications and active decision models from a selected source (an Oracle Process Cloud Service or Oracle Integration instance) to a selected Oracle Integration destination, and activates the decision models.


Run the import tool once only for a specified scope. (Running the tool multiple times for a scope can cause unpredictable results.) Avoid refreshing or closing the tool during the import.
  1. On the Oracle Integration Home page, click Processes in the navigation pane.
  2. Click Settings in the navigation pane, then Import from the top options on the Administration page.
  3. On the Import Administration page, specify a source for the import.
    1. In the Identify the instance to import from fields, specify whether to import from an Oracle Process Cloud Service instance or another Oracle Integration instance.
    2. In the Host Name field, enter the host, using the format https://host:port.
    3. Enter a user name and password to sign in to the instance as an administrator.
  4. Identify a destination for the import.
    • To import to your current instance, skip the Import to the current Oracle Integration instance field.
    • To import to another Oracle Integration instance than your current instance, click Edit and complete the host, user name, and password fields for the instance you want to import to.
    • To select importing to the current instance, click Reset.
  5. In the Scope field, identify what you want to import.
    • Choose Entire Instance to import all process applications and decision models from all spaces located on the instance.
    • Choose Space to import a selected source only. Select the space in the Source Space field that displays.
    • Choose Process Application or Decision Model to import a selected application or decision model only. In the additional fields that display, select the source space, process application or decision model to import, and the destination space.
  6. Click Import.
  7. Review the import log.


    You MUST check the logs and make sure there are no errors before proceeding with post migration steps.

    Click Download Import Log in the import dialog to download a zip file containing the import log. It lists any errors that might have occurred along with a summary of the number of spaces or items (process applications or decision models) imported.

  8. In Oracle Integration, change space settings as needed.
    Return to the design-time Administration screen, and share the space(s) you migrated to Oracle Integration and change their permissions.