Learn About Oracle Integration

Oracle Integration is a unified platform where you can integrate your applications, automate processes, and create applications.

Specifically, with Oracle Integration, you can:

  • Use integrations to design, monitor, and manage connections between your applications

  • Create process applications to automate and manage your business work flows

  • Build custom web and mobile applications

Critical business processes, such as those related to human capital management (HCM), customer experience (CX), and enterprise resource planning (ERP), are frequently slow and inflexible. For example, a multi-step process such as Lead to Opportunity to Quote to Order can involve four or more applications and require human exception management at every step of the process. In this scenario, the lack of integration between departments as well as the delays caused by human-based problem resolution can result in lost revenue, frustrated customers, and high costs.

Oracle Integration changes all that. It empowers you to:

  • Establish connectivity between the many applications and people that are part of the entire business process life cycle.

  • Assemble existing technologies into new business services to better align with the changing pace of new business demands.

  • Deliver new business innovations faster by rapidly connecting diverse applications and key business roles.