6 Manage Oracle Integration

Oracle is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure on which Oracle Integration is built.

An administrator can increase or decrease the number of message packs for an instance, delete an instance, view activity for an instance and can export diagnostic information if problems occur in Oracle Integration.



Life cycle management tasks such as starting an instance, stopping an instance, and so on may fail if the host is being upgraded or backed up. Retry the life cycle management tasks in two hours. Any ongoing design-time/runtime functionality is not impacted.


Oracle Integration takes regular internal backups on your managed instance to restore it in the event of a failure of underlying infrastructure resources. You cannot request an explicit backup checkpoint or restore an instance to a prior state. Oracle recommends that you use the integration level export commands to take periodic copies of your design-time metadata and configuration and use the corresponding import APIs to restore.

You can also use resource level APIs to perform the same tasks depending on whether you want to use storage or source control for backups, need to back up specific/critical resources, and so on.