Back Up and Recover the Connectivity Agent

If the host on which the connectivity agent is running crashes and makes your environment unavailable, follow these steps to ensure that the connectivity agent is recovered and functions correctly.


  • Perform regular backups of the agent directory located under AGENT_INSTALL_DIR/agenthome.

  • Ensure that the regular backups are not on the same physical host on which the agent is currently running.

  • Ensure that backups are available in the event of an agent host crash.

If your host crashes and makes the environment unavailable, do the following;

  1. Go to the Agents page in Oracle Integration.
  2. Click Download > Connectivity Agent.
  3. Save the file on the agent host.
  4. Create an AGENT_INSTALL_DIR directory. The new AGENT_INSTALL_DIR directory name must match the old name.
  5. Unzip under the AGENT_INSTALL_DIR directory.
  6. Replace the new agent directory in AGENT_INSTALL_DIR/agenthome with the agent directory from your last backup.
  7. Restart the connectivity agent.
    java -jar connectivityagent.jar 


    If you use third party JAR files, ensure that the same JARs are available under AGENT_INSTALL_DIR/agenthome/thirdparty/lib. If not, add them to the lib directory.


  • To ensure the integrity of the backups, always create a new backup if integration activations/deactivations have occurred since the last backup.

  • The agent instance name is from the backed up configuration and is mapped to the current host. If the backup and recovery is performed on a different host, the agent instance name is not changed to reflect the new host on which the agent is running.