Create an Agent Group

You must create an agent group in Oracle Integration before you can run the connectivity agent installer. When you install the connectivity agent in your environment, you associate the connectivity agent with the agent group identifier. Up to two connectivity agents can be associated with an agent group. For a single Oracle Integration instance, you can create up to five agent groups. Creating the agent group also creates the necessary artifacts required for message exchange.

To create an agent group:
  1. In the left navigation pane, click Home > Integrations > Agents.

  2. Click Create Agent Group.

    The Create New Agent Group is displayed.

  3. Enter the following information, then click Create.

    Field Description


    Provide a meaningful name so that others can understand the agent name. The name must be unique among all agent names in the system. The name can consist of the following:

    • Letters (A-Z, a-z)

    • Numbers (0-9)

    • Spaces ( )

    • Special characters ( _ - )

    The name must not begin or end with a space and cannot be longer than 50 characters.


    Accept the default identifier value or change it, if necessary. The identifier is initially the same as the agent group name you provided, but in upper case. When you install the agent, you must specify the identifier value.

    Note: After creating the agent group, you cannot edit the agent group identifier. Instead, you must delete and recreate another agent group to associate with a different agent group identifier.


    Connectivity Agents Group is displayed and cannot be edited. The connectivity agent supports integrating with on-premises systems. The agent group references only connectivity agents.


    Provide a meaningful description so that others can understand the responsibilities of the agent group.