Create a Connection with an Agent Group

After you have installed the on-premises agent, you can create a connection that uses the agent group and its associated on-premises agent. Only agent groups whose monitoring status is green on the Agent Monitoring page and which have not yet been associated with an adapter can be selected.

To create a connection with an agent group:
  1. On the Oracle Integration home page, click Home > Integrations > Connections.

  2. Click Create.

    See Create a Connection.
  3. Select the adapter to configure as a target endpoint. See About Creating Hybrid Integrations Using Oracle Integration.

  4. Configure the connection properties and security properties.

  5. In the Agent Group section, click Configure Agents to select the agent group to associate with the adapter. This enables you to access your on-premises applications.

  6. Select the agent group to use with this adapter, and click Use.

  7. Click Test. This test executes the ping command on the on-premises instance when the connection is associated with an agent.

  8. Click Save, then click Back button.

  9. Create an integration in which you use the adapter.

  10. Activate the integration. See Activate an Integration.

  11. Invoke the integration.


    If you receive the following error, a connection time out has occurred. The request may be slow, in which case the request must be executed again. You can also view the agent logs to see what may be causing the request to not process.
    CASDK-0005 A connector specific exception was raised by the application.
    No response received within response time out window of 60000.