Delete an Agent Group

You can delete an agent group that is not currently associated with a running connectivity agent instance. Deleting the agent group also deletes the internal artifacts that the agent relies on when the agent group was created.

To delete an agent group:
  1. Before deleting an agent group, ensure that you kill the running agent at the operating system command prompt:
    kill -9 agent_PID_number

    The agent_PID number can be obtained from the AGENT_INSTALL_DIRECTORY/pid file.

  2. On the Oracle Integration home page, click Integrations > Agents.

  3. Find the agent group to delete. If the number count for the agent group is zero, you can delete the agent. Otherwise, you must first click the number (it can be 1 or 2). Delete those agent instances first. If any connections are using the agent, you cannot delete the agent instance.

  4. From the hamburger menu menu, select Delete.

  5. Select Yes when prompted to confirm.