Import a Prebuilt Integration

You can import prebuilt integrations into your Oracle Integration environment.

There are two types of prebuilt integrations:
  • User-created integrations. These are integrations that you or another user created.

  • Oracle-created integrations from the Oracle Marketplace. You import integrations from the Oracle Marketplace as part of a package. These integrations are designated with a BUILT BY ORACLE message that is displayed next to the integration name on the Integrations page. You cannot edit these integrations, but you can view their contents, including mappings and business identifiers. You must edit the connections in these integrations to include endpoint credentials relevant to your business requirements. You can also clone these integrations, which enables you to edit the cloned version of the integration.

Import a User-Created Integration

To import a user-created integration:

  1. In the navigation pane, click Integrations.

  2. In the upper right corner, click Import.

  3. Click Browse to select the file to import. If you are importing a single integration, select the JAR file to import. If you are importing a package of integrations, select the PAR file to import.