About Integrations

Oracle Integration is a complete, secure, but lightweight integration solution that enables you to connect your applications in the cloud. It simplifies connectivity between your applications and connects both your applications that live in the cloud and your applications that still live on premises. Oracle Integration provides secure, enterprise-grade connectivity regardless of the applications you are connecting or where they reside.

Oracle Integration provides native connectivity to Oracle Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, such as Oracle Engagement Cloud Adapter, Oracle Service Cloud, and so on. Oracle Integration adapters simplify connectivity by handling the underlying complexities of connecting to applications using industry-wide best practices. You only need to create a connection that provides minimal connectivity information for each system. Oracle Integration lookups map the different codes or terms used by the applications you are integrating to describe similar items (such as country or gender codes). Finally, the visual data mapper enables you to quickly create direct mappings between the trigger and invoke data structures. From the mapper, you can also access lookup tables and use standard XPath functions to map data between your applications.

Once you integrate your applications and activate the integrations to the runtime environment, the dashboard displays information about the running integrations so you can monitor the status and processing statistics for each integration. The dashboard measures and tracks the performance of your transactions by capturing and reporting key information, such as throughput, the number of messages processed successfully, and the number of messages that failed processing. You can also manage business identifiers that track fields in messages and manage errors by integrations, connections, or specific integration instances.