Modify an Integration

You can modify an existing integration, including changing a source or target connection, reconfiguring the connection, and updating the data mapping. Changes to the source or target can cause changes to the existing mappings.

If the integration you want to modify is active, deactivate it first. See Deactivating an Integration for instructions.
To modify an integration:
  1. In the left navigation pane, click Home > Integrations > Integrations.
  2. On the Integrations page, find the integration you want to modify.
    You can search by entering a partial or complete integration name in the Search icon field or filter integrations by selecting an option from the Filter icon link.
  3. Go to the row of the integration you want to change.
  4. Click Edit icon. You cannot edit an active integration.
  5. To modify the trigger or invoke adapter, select the connection in the canvas and click Edit icon.
  6. Modify any necessary fields in the pages of the Adapter Endpoint Configuration Wizard.
  7. To assign a new connection as the source or target, click the connection to delete, then click Delete icon on the menu that is displayed. You cannot delete a trigger connection in an orchestrated integration.
  8. Add the new adapter to the canvas.
  9. Configure the new connection.
  10. To modify a data mapping, click the appropriate map icon and update the mappings. See Mapping Data of Using the Oracle Mapper with Oracle Integration.
  11. When you are done making changes, click Save and then click Close to return to the Integrations page.


If you have an integration that is locked and stuck in Draft mode, see Unlock an Integration.