Upgrade the Connectivity Agent Automatically

When a new version of the on-premises connectivity agent becomes available, your host is automatically upgraded with the latest version. When Oracle Integration is upgraded, the agent is upgraded within a four hour window. There is no separate alert for agent upgrade. There is no downtime or interruption of service for in-process integrations that use the agent. If there is any failure for in-process integrations using the agent, those integrations may require resubmission.

Connectivity agent upgrade occurs as follows:
  1. A check is made of the version of the agent installed on your on-premises host.
  2. If the agent version on your host is older than the latest available version, the new version is downloaded to your host.
  3. The downloaded ZIP file is unzipped.
  4. A backup directory is created.
  5. A backup copy is made of your existing installation in the new backup directory.
  6. Older artifacts are replaced in the agenthome directory of your installation.
  7. The endpoints are quiesced.
  8. The agent is shut down and restarted.
    You are notified of upgrade success.


After agent upgrade occurs, the agent fails to initialize the SAP JCO libraries because these are native libraries and can only be loaded once per JVM. In the case of automatic agent upgrade, the agent restart reloads the classes (after agent upgrade) without shutting down the JVM. As a workaround, a manual restart of the agent is required. See Restart the Agent.