Use the Connectivity Agent in High Availability Environments

You can use the connectivity agent in high availability environments with Oracle Integration. You install the connectivity agent twice on different hosts. The connectivity agents can scale horizontally, thereby providing all the benefits of running multiple agents for an agent group. This results in increased performance and extends failover benefits.


Ensure that both agent instances can access the same endpoints. For example, agent 1 on host 1 and agent 2 on host 2 must both be able to access the same endpoint (for example, a Siebel system).

Install the Connectivity Agents

  1. Create a new agent group. You cannot use an existing group.

  2. Download and install the first agent on one host. Ensure that you specify the agent group identifier of the new agent group.

    See Download and Install the Agent.

  3. Follow the same steps to download and install the second agent on a second host. That way, if one host goes down, agent processing continues running on the other host.
    • Use the same JAR file that you downloaded for the first installation.

    • Use the same InstallerProfile.cfg file settings. You can also copy the file from one host to the other.


    Specify the same agent group identifier and Oracle Integration URL in the InstallerProfile.cfg file as with the first installation.
  4. After installation completes, go to the Agents page and note that two agents are associated with the same agent group.

  5. Go to the Monitor Agents page and note the same information. In this case, both agent instances are running.

Features and Considerations

  • You can install multiple agents on the same host. However, to utilize high availability capabilities, install the second agent on a second host.

    • Create a horizontal cluster to achieve high availability. Installing the agent on the same virtual machine (VM) does not guarantee high availability.

  • You cannot have more than two agent instances per agent group. Attempting to include a third agent instance in the same group during installation results in an error.

  • While you can install up to two agent instances per agent group, be aware of the current restriction with agent high availability when working in tandem with automatically upgraded agents. To ensure that both agent instances do not upgrade at the exact same time, it is recommended that you start each instance with a small time gap. The time gap can be as little as 10 minutes. This ensures that there is no outage due to both agent instances being upgraded at the same time.
  • The File Adapter and FTP Adapter are not supported in high availability environments. When using the File Adapter or FTP Adapter and some groups have multiple instances, use a dedicated agent group (with one agent only).