1 Overview of Oracle Integration Generation 2

Oracle Integration is a fully managed service that allows you to integrate your applications, automate processes, gain insight into your business processes, and create visual applications.

With Oracle Integration, you can:

  • Use integrations to design, monitor, and manage connections between your applications, selecting from our portfolio of 60+ pre-built adapters to connect with Oracle and third-party applications.

  • Create process applications to automate and manage your business work flows, whether structured or dynamic.

  • Model and extract meaningful business metrics in real time and gain insight into your business processes using dashboards. See Availability to find out if Integration Insight is available in your region or data center.
  • Develop visual applications.

  • Create integrations that use B2B e-commerce that support the EDI X12 business protocol.

  • Use the embedded SFTP-compliant repository for storing and retrieving files in Oracle Integration.

Oracle Integration is available in two editions: standard or enterprise. See Oracle Integration Editions.

Oracle SaaS customers can use Oracle Integration for SaaS, which gives you the features and benefits of Oracle Integration with a focus on SaaS. See Oracle Integration for Oracle SaaS.