1 Overview of Oracle Integration Generation 2

Oracle Integration is a fully managed, preconfigured environment that gives you the power to integrate your cloud and on-premises applications, automate business processes, gain insight into your business processes, develop visual applications, use an SFTP-compliant file server to store and retrieve files, and exchange business documents with a B2B trading partner.

With Oracle Integration, you can:

  • Design integrations to monitor and manage connections between your applications, selecting from our portfolio of hundreds of prebuilt adapters and recipes to connect with Oracle and third-party applications.

  • Create process applications to automate and manage your business work flows, whether structured or dynamic.

  • Model and extract meaningful metrics for your business processes to achieve real-time visibility and react quickly to changing demands.
  • Develop visual applications using the embedded Visual Builder feature.

  • Store and retrieve files in Oracle Integration using the embedded SFTP-compliant file server.

  • Create integrations that use B2B e-commerce to extend business processes to reach trading partners.

Oracle Integration is available in two editions: standard or enterprise. See Oracle Integration Editions.

Oracle SaaS customers can use Oracle Integration for SaaS, which gives you the features and benefits of Oracle Integration with a focus on SaaS. See Oracle Integration for Oracle SaaS.