Configure a REST Adapter Trigger Connection to Work Asynchronously

You can configure a trigger REST Adapter connection to work asynchronously in an integration.

For example, assume you have the following use case:
  • A parent scheduled integration that runs every three hours.
  • A child integration that is executed many times (for example, 300) in a for-each action of the parent integration.

To ensure that this use case runs efficiently, configure the child integration to run asynchronously as follows:

  1. Create an app driven orchestrated integration for the child integration.
  2. Add a REST Adapter as a trigger connection in the integration.
    The Adapter Endpoint Configuration Wizard appears.
  3. On the Resource Configuration page of the wizard, ensure that you configure the page as follows. This ensures that the integration runs asynchronously.
    • From the What action do you want to perform on the endpoint list, select POST.
    • From the Select any options that you want to configure list, do NOT select Configure this endpoint to receive the response.
  4. Complete configuration of the REST Adapter.
  5. Design the remaining parts of the integration.
    This design ensures that the child integration runs asynchronously.