Publish REST-Based Integrations as OpenAPI Documents

You can publish an OpenAPI document describing an Oracle Integration REST endpoint and consume the OpenAPI document using the REST Adapter. This section provides an overview of the configuration steps.

  1. On the Connections page, create a REST Adapter as an invoke connection.
  2. Go to the Connection Properties section.
  3. From the Connection Type list, select Open API (1.0/2.0/3.0) URL.
  4. In the Connection URL field, enter the URL of the OpenAPI document.
  5. On the Integrations page, create a new integration.
  6. Design the integration.
  7. Include the REST Adapter as an invoke connection in your integration.
    This invokes the Adapter Endpoint Configuration Wizard.
  8. Select the resource. Resources from the OpenAPI document you specified on the Connections page are discovered and shown in the Adapter Endpoint Configuration Wizard, enabling you to configure the invoke connection to use the discovered resources.
  9. Complete design of the integration.
  10. On the Integrations page, activate the integration.
  11. Hover your cursor over the integration name to display the endpoint URL message.

    This shows a message with a link to the OpenAPI description of the REST endpoint.

  12. Click the Endpoint URL value.
    The Endpoint Description page shows links to both Swagger and OpenAPI.
  13. Click Open API to display the description for this endpoint, including the server to invoke, the exposed resources, and security details.
  14. To invoke the integration, import the document into a client such as postman.
  15. Select an resource to invoke, and click Send. For this example, getEmployee is selected. This matches the selection made on the Operation Selection page of the Adapter Endpoint Configuration Wizard.