REST Adapter Restrictions

Note the following REST Adapter restrictions.

  • The OAuth Authorization Code Credentials security policy does not currently work with Microsoft endpoints with the REST Adapter. This is because this security policy sends an access token in the query parameter and Microsoft endpoints need the access token in the authorization header.

    As a workaround, use the OAuth Custom Three Legged Flow security policy.

  • The maximum permissible limit for JSON file samples is 100 KB.

  • Plain/text content-type can be sent or received as unparsed content by the REST Adapter using the raw payload option.

  • Consuming external REST APIs that are protected using NTLM or digest token-based authentication are not supported.

  • The REST Adapter automatically encodes the value of query parameters before invoking a service. The REST Adapter has no way of knowing if you have already encoded a query parameter. Ensure that you assign unencoded values to query parameters. Assigning encoded values leads to double encoding.

    For example, assume query parameter q has the following value:


    This may mean that the value of q was intended to be a b, but was encoded by the user.

    The intention may also have been to send a+b, which must be URL-encoded as a%2Bb before sending.

  • Multipart/mixed data and polymorphic constructs are not supported when publishing OpenAPIs.
  • Unicode characters in the range of \u0000 to \u001F are control characters and are not allowed in JSON elements.