Undeploy a Runtime Version ID of a Decision Model



Undeploys a particular runtime version ID of a decision model. A runtime ID version is the version ID assigned by the user when a snapshot is deployed. Runtime versions IDs are the tag name in the tag resource path. Tag is a child resource of the decision model resource. This DELETE request will delete a tag resource of a decision model. As the tag resource contains the reference to the snapshot, deleting the tag resource essentially free the snapshot from the runtime version binding. Hence, undeploying the snapshot. Currently, there is no single REST API to undeploy based on snapshot names. If caller wants to undeploy using snapshot names, he can do a GET on /tags resource path and loop through all the tag items in the collection to determine the tag that has attribute ref referrring to the snapshot he wants to delete.


Path Parameters
Header Parameters
  • Authorization header MUST be set to type Bearer and an access token must be provided i.e. 'Bearer '
    Default Value: Bearer XXXXX.XXXXX.XXXXX
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Supported Media Types

204 Response

No Content (Operation successful)

401 Response


403 Response

Forbidden (Expired or invalid token)

404 Response

Not Found

500 Response

Internal Server Error
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