Control a Dynamic Process Instance



Perform the specified action on a dynamic process instance.

The behavior of the abort action depends on the setting in the abortType parameter. Valid values for abortType are:

  • self: Aborts all instances matching the flow ID of the current instance on which the abort action is performed.
  • downstream: Aborts all instances that match the specified flow ID and its child flow IDs.
  • all: Aborts all instances that match the specified flow ID and its parent and child flow IDs.


Supported Media Types
Path Parameters
Body ()
Action and variables to update.
Root Schema : InstanceActionInput
Type: object
Show Source
Nested Schema : deletions
Type: array
Show Source
Nested Schema : VariablesMap
Type: object
Additional Properties Allowed
Show Source
a (key, MapItem) map. `default`is an example key
Show Source
Nested Schema : default
Type: object
Nested Schema : additionalProperties
Type: object
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Supported Media Types

204 Response

Successful operation

400 Response

The state transition is not allowed. For example, when the dynamic process instance is already completed.

401 Response


403 Response

The dynamic process instance cannot be operated on because of CMMN restrictions.

404 Response

The dynamic process instance with the specified ID was not found.

500 Response

Internal Server Error.
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The following example shows how to update a process instance by submitting a PUT request on the REST resource.

Send Request<version>/dp-instances/<Id>


  • is the host where Oracle Integration is running.

Example: Abort a Process Instance and all its Children

The following example shows how to send a request in JSON format with the PUT method.

In this example, we are aborting a process instance and all the instances of its children having the same flow ID.

PUT Request: 

Request Body:

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