Retrieve a Task



Retrieves a task by Task number. If document store is enabled for a particular instance apis to fetch and upload attachments will return a error message stating 'Document store is enabled attachments can not be used'. If document store is not enabled for a particular instance apis to fetch folders will return an error message stating 'Document store is not configured'. If conversations are not enabled for a particular instance apis to fetch conversation details will return error message stating 'Conversation are not enabled'.


Path Parameters
Query Parameters
  • Value of all fields that are to be expanded (detailed) - All, comments, attachments, history, payload. If not specified Links to each of the fields is returned.
    Default Value:
  • Metadata - true or false
    Default Value: false
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Supported Media Types

200 Response

Body ()
Root Schema : task
Type: object

400 Response

Bad request

401 Response


404 Response

Task not found for given ID.

500 Response

Internal Server Error
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The following example shows how to retrieve a task by using get request on the REST resource.

For task containing web form, a formMetadata attribute is set in response, which contains link to metadata for webform (/webforms/{id}). If the task has a web form, ensure to use /webforms/{id} endpoint. 

Send Request<version>/tasks/{id}


  • is the host where Oracle Integration is running.

  • <version> is the REST API version.

  • {id} is the task ID that you get using Retrieve a Task List.

Example of Response Body

  "length": 0,
  "title": "NewPCSFormsSubmit",
  "assignedDate": "2017-01-25T09:37:07.000Z",
  "number": 200091,
  "priority": 3,
  "createdDate": "2017-01-25T09:37:07.000Z",
  "state": "ASSIGNED",
  "ownerRole": "NewFormsRestApp.Process Owner",
  "processName": "NewPCSForms",
  "hasSubTasksFlag": false,
  "updatedDate": "2017-01-25T09:37:23.000Z",
  "formMetadata": "<version>/
"isDocsEnabledFlag": false,"isDocsEnabledFlag": false,
  "isConversationEnabledFlag": false,
  "routingType": "SINGLE",
  "originalAssignees": {
    "totalResult": true,
    "count": 1,
    "hasMore": false,
    "items": [
        "levels": 0,
        "id": "bpm:getPerformer()",
        "type": "application_role"
  "processDefId": "default~NewFormsRestApp!1.0*~NewPCSForms",
  "processId": "93",
  "processInstanceDetail": { 
 "href": "<version>/processes/93",  
  "length": 0, 
 "rel": "processInstanceDetail"
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