Invoke Basic Information Page

You can enter a name and description and select the type of WSDL to use on the Salesforce invoke Basic Info page. The Salesforce Cloud invoke Basic Info page is the initial wizard page that is displayed whenever you drag an adapter to the invoke area.

Element Description

What do you want to call your endpoint?

Provide a meaningful name so that others can understand the connection. For example, if you are creating an invoke Salesforce Cloud connection, you may want to name it SalesforceOutboundDirection. You can include English alphabetic characters, numbers, underscores, and dashes in the name. You cannot include the following:
  • Blank spaces (for example, My Salesforce Connection)

  • Special characters (for example,  #;83& or righ(t)now4)

  • Multibyte characters

What does this endpoint do?

Enter an optional description of the connection’s responsibilities. For example: This connection receives an outbound request to synchronize account information with the Salesforce Cloud Application.

Select outbound support option

Select the type of WSDL to use.
  • Standard applications delivered by Select this option if you want to use the enterprise WSDL that you specified in the Connection Properties dialog during adapter configuration. If you select this option, you are taken to the Operations page to select an operation type and business object to use.

  • Custom applications built using Apex Classes and hosted on Select this option if you want to use a custom WSDL that includes custom Apex classes written on and exposed as SOAP web services. This enables external applications to access your code and application. If you select this option, you are taken to the Custom Operations page.