Oracle Siebel Adapter Capabilities

The Oracle Siebel Adapter offers the most complete connectivity solution for Oracle Siebel. It delivers unique features to minimize the implementation effort and maximize the effectiveness of the solution.

The Oracle Siebel Adapter provides the following features:

  • Provides comprehensive, standards-based, real-time connectivity to Oracle Siebel application systems.

  • Supports web service standards for creation of open and reusable service-oriented applications (SOA).

  • Provides an easy-to-use, robust, scalable connectivity platform to non-intrusively access and expose the critical business logic and data contained with Oracle Siebel for building an integrated enterprise.

  • Exposes the published web services described in Predefined Application Service Interfaces of Siebel Application Services Interface Reference.

  • Provides bidirectional connectivity to Siebel. The Oracle Siebel Adapter uses JAVA Data Bean to get the published web services list. However, for runtime adapter directly invokes Siebel web services.

  • Provides a design-time tool for dynamic browsing of the various published web services. The design-time tool exposes the adapter services as a web service in few simple clicks and enables rapid implementation. Since this introspection is dynamic, all standard and custom services that are exposed by users are available for use.

  • Based on open standards and exposes the underlying Siebel functionality as JCA and Web Services. The Oracle Fusion Middleware product components are seamlessly and rapidly integrated with the Siebel system through these standard interfaces.

  • Deployed on top of Oracle Application Server and leverages it for scalability and high availability. The Oracle Application Server enables the user to monitor and manage the adapter Life-cycle.