Activate a New or Changed Model

After you have defined or updated the milestones, indicators, a unique identifier, mappings, and extraction criteria for an Integration Insight model, it is in Configured state, and is ready to be activated.

Insight Administrators, Business Users/Analysts, and Integration Architects can activate models.

Activating a new model (or updating an existing activated model) pushes the new model definition, including mapping metadata, out to the runtime engines used during the mapping process. Mapping metadata is used by the runtime engines to monitor for execution patterns indicating that milestones have been passed. The process of validating a model, distributing it to the runtime engines, and then beginning the process of active monitoring for extracting metrics takes some time to complete.

After activation is complete, Business Executives will immediately have access to dashboards that monitor the business process.


While milestone mappings and identifier and indicator extraction criteria are defined in the Integrations feature, model activation is performed in Integration Insight.

To activate a model:

  1. On the Models page, complete any pending tasks for the model you want to activate.


    If you are making changes to an existing activated model, click the Expand iconicon next to the existing model to view the updated draft model.
  2. Hover your cursor over the model you want to activate and click Activate icon.
  3. In the confirmation dialog, click Activate.
    Activate Confirmation dialog

    A message notifies you that the activation request was submitted, and the progress status is displayed.