3 Associate a Model to a Business Process Implementation

After an Integration Insight model is created and the milestones, indicators, and unique instance identifier defined, the next step is to associate the model to the business process implementation using the Insight Designer in the Integrations feature in Oracle Integration.

To associate a model to a business process implementation, an Integration Architect maps milestones to actions in the business process implementation in the Integrations feature, in collaboration with a Business/User Analyst who defines the milestones in Integration Insight.

Mapping milestones involves identifying execution points that best represent when a milestone has been passed. For example, the invocation of an action called placeOrder represents passage of a milestone called OrderReceived, and creates an associated mapping between placeOrder and OrderReceived.

As part of the mapping process, you must also define extraction criteria for the unique instance identifier and indicators (dimensions and measures). Extraction criteria define the rules to extract information from runtime messages, and is expressed using XPath expressions. Before you can activate a model, the extraction criteria must be defined.

The Insight Designer in the Integrations feature.