Insight Capabilities

Insight in Oracle Integration provides tools to model, collect, and monitor metrics for business processes in real time.

 Insight provides:

  • A web-based interface to:

    • Model a business process, including milestones and indicators defined to extract specific metrics. For example, an order process starts with an initial milestone Order Received, which provides metrics for an order, such as number of items, model ordered, shipping address, and shipping type. Each step of the order is represented by either a standard milestone (for example, Order Shipped) or error milestone (Payment Declined), and completed with a terminal milestone (Order Completed) or a terminal error (Order Returned).

    • Map milestones to integration flows or process applications (or both) through an intuitive designer view using drag and drop development, and extract metrics values from the payload.

    • Monitor business process status and activity in real time.

  • Advanced analytics presented in both preconfigured and custom dashboards. Dashboards can be viewed in Oracle Integration or embedded in external applications, portals, or web sites in a number of ways, as described in Embed Insight Dashboards in Other Applications.

    Console page for a business process

  • Early warnings that prevent business failure through alerts that trigger notifications as needed. Alerts can be defined to flag exceptionally high orders, business errors that may otherwise be missed, or orders stuck in one step for longer than the defined service-level agreement (SLA).