Work with the Consoles Page

The Consoles page shows the status of all business processes and includes a high-level visualization of the metrics collected over the past day for all activated business processes.

For an overview of the Consoles page, see About the Consoles Page for All Business Processes.

Consoles page

To work with the Consoles page:

  1. In the Oracle Integration navigation pane, click Insight.

  2. In the Insight navigation pane, click Consoles.

  3. On the Consoles page, review the list of consoles for all business processes and perform any of the following actions:

    • Click the Search Search icon icon to display a search field where you can enter a console (business process) name. All business processes with names matching your search text are displayed.

    • Click the Filter Filter icon icon to display business processes that meet selected criteria:

      • Status: select a value to display only those business processes that have a status of Active, Inactive (Deactivated Model), or Inactive (Failed Model). Select All to display all business processes on the Consoles page.

        Status menu in the Filters pane.

    • Click a console (business process) name to navigate to the console page for that business process, showing its business transaction dashboards. See Work with the Console and Dashboards for a Business Process.

    • In the Status column, monitor the activation status of each business process: either Active or Inactive. Inactive business processes are either deactivated or failed..
    • In the Business Transactions column, hover over a bar to see the number of business transactions that bar represents.

      Business Transactions column in Consoles page

      Transactions for an activated business process can be in the following states:

      • Active — either Healthy or Recoverable Errors:

        • Healthy: The milestone passed most recently is either Initial or Standard.

        • Recoverable Errors: The milestone passed most recently is Error but not Terminal Error.

      • Completed — either Successful or Failed:

        • Successful: The milestone passed most recently is Terminal.

        • Failed: The milestone passed most recently is Terminal Error.

      For information about milestone types, see Milestones.