Dashboards Are Empty

After a model has been defined by a Business User and mapped to implementation by an Integration Architect, the model must be activated to begin collecting metrics and observing the passage of milestones.

Depending on the activity level of your application, it may take some time to begin to see instances and indicators populated in the console. For example, if you have created a model of an order processing system and your application typically processes several orders per minute, you should start to see your consoles populate within a few minutes. However, if your application typically receives an order every hour, it may take several hours for your console to begin to show meaningful data.

There is very minimal delay between metrics being collected on runtime engines and information showing up in your consoles. The product has been optimized to minimize performance impact on runtime engines, so during times of heavy runtime load, you may see delay of a few minutes, but generally not more than this.

Your dashboards may also be empty if there have been no instances for the last five days or if instance data was purged. See Configuring Purge Settings for Integration Insight Data in Administering Oracle Integration.