Integration Insight End-to-End Workflow

To use Integration Insight to monitor a business process in Oracle Integration, there are several tasks to complete before you can track business metrics on the Integration Insight dashboards.

The high-level workflow is as follows:

Create Connections

For a business process that is implemented in theIntegrations feature in Oracle Integration, an Insight Admin must define connections.

Create a Model

With the necessary connections defined, a Model Creator or Business User is ready to perform the first task in Integration Insight: create a model of the business process.

The model defines what characteristics stakeholders care about, and includes abstractions such as milestones and indicators.
  • Milestones indicate progression through business activities such as “Problem Received”, “Ticket Created”, and “Problem Resolved”.

  • Indicators represent metrics that are useful for tracking the business. For example: “Total Resolution Cost”, “Country”, “Region”, and “Customer Status”.

Creating a model is accomplished using simple web-based tooling that makes the process easy for business users.

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Associate the Model to a Business Process Implementation

After a Model Creator or Business User defines a model of the business process, the next step is to associate the model to a business process implementation:
  • For a business process that is implemented using theIntegrations feature in Oracle Integration, an Integration Architect refines the model milestones and maps them to the business process events in theIntegrations feature. For example, invocation of a service named submitTicket in an integration might indicate that the TicketCreated milestone has been passed, so the Integration Architect can map submitTicket to TicketCreated.

  • For a business process that is implemented using the Processes feature in Oracle Integration, any Oracle Integration user can use the Events resource of the Oracle Integration REST API to enable API invocations for milestones to collect metrics. You can also use the REST API with business processes that are implemented using theIntegrations feature, in cases where the integration action associated with a given event can't be mapped to a milestone.

Activate the Model

After model milestone associations to the business process implementation are complete, the model is ready to be activated. When a model is activated, Integration Insight monitors the business process for business data, recording when business milestones are passed and extracting indicators. These metrics are immediately available in preconfigured interactive dashboards, custom dashboards that you have created, and the model summary cards on the Oracle Integration home page.

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