Integration Insight User Personas and Roles

Integration Insight supports six user personas. Each persona is mapped to one or more Oracle Integration roles. The roles that you are assigned define your persona and privileges in Integration Insight in Oracle Integration.

In general, it is common for a user to have multiple personas. Multiple personas may also be mapped to a single Oracle Integration role.


The terminology used by different personas may differ based on the tasks that they perform. See Integration Insight Terminology.
Persona Description Role in Oracle Integration

Insight Admin

Acts as a super user. This user has all the privileges of a Model Creator, with access to all the models created. The Insight Admin manages Integration Insight and creates connections to the implementation to enable mapping of the models.

This user can create as many users as required and assign the users with appropriate role permissions, provided this user also has the appropriate permissions and privileges on Oracle Identity Cloud Service.


Connection Creator

Has privileges to create connections.


Model Creator

Has privileges to create models. Model Creators are the owners of the models they create.

ServiceAdministrator or ServiceDeveloper

Integration Architect

For business processes implemented in theIntegrations feature in Oracle Integration, understands the implementation and defines mapping of the milestones to the appropriate location in the implementation and the extraction of indicators.

ServiceDeveloper or ServiceDeployer

Business User

Understands the business use case and creates milestones and indicators using business language.

ServiceDeveloper or ServiceDeployer

Business Executive

Understands how the business works and wants to gain insight into business performance. This user has access to the dashboards, with permissions to create, view, and edit dashboards.