Work with the Consoles Page

The Consoles page provides access to the consoles for all business processes that have been activated at least once. The consoles for deactivated business processes are also displayed. You can mark any console as a favorite.

For an overview of the Consoles page, see Consoles Page for All Business Processes.

On the Consoles page you can perform the following tasks:

  • If you have the ServiceAdministrator role, click Purge to maintain database capacity and application performance by purging Integration Insight metrics and events data using the Purge Console Data dialog.

    Purge Console Data dialog for all consoles
    In the Purge Console Data dialog, select the amount of Integration Insight data to purge:
    • Retain no data to delete all data for all consoles.

    • Retain recent data, then select from the dropdown lists to specify a number of days or weeks from which to retain data for all consoles.

    Click Purge to immediately delete Integration Insight data according to your selection.

  • Filter business processes using these criteria:

    • Favorites: Select All to display all business processes; select Favorites to display only business processes that are marked as a favorite.

      Favorites is highlighted in the filter list.

    • Lifecycle Status: select Any Status to display all business processes; select one of the other options to display business processes in the corresponding lifecycle state: Activated or Deactivated.

      Any Status is highlighted in the filter list.

  • Click the Vertical or Horizontal icons to display the bars in the console summary cards vertically or horizontally.

    Vertical Icon
  • Click the Unstacked icon to separate the bars in the console summary cards into separate rows for each lifecycle state:

    • Active:

      • Healthy business transactions

      • Recoverable business transactions

    • Completed:

      • Successful business transactions

      • Failed business transactions

    Unstacked Icon
  • Click the Stacked icon to stack bars into two rows: Active business transactions (Healthy and Recoverable) are stacked together as one bar and completed business transactions (Successful and Failed) are stacked another. This is the default option.

    Stacked Icon
  • Filter consoles by name by entering text into the Search field. All business processes with names matching your search text are displayed.

    Search field value “Order” displays only one consoles with “Order” in name.
  • Click the list view /card view icon to display the business processes in list view or Summary Card view (default).

    List View Icon

    Card View Icon
  • Click a business processes name to navigate to the console page for that business process, showing its dashboards.