Casting refers to bypassing of the type validation and assigning data types that aren’t necessarily compatible.

For example, you may want to assign an integer value to a string. In such cases, you can use a conversion operation like the following one:

<conversionTypeName> ( <valueToConvert> )


conversionTypeName is the data type you want to assign to a value.

Here are some examples of casting or conversion operations:

  • string(myIntDO)

  • int(myStringDO)

  • duration(myStringDO)


You can only cast to primitive data types. Therefore, the conversionTypeName variable accepts only primitive types as valid values.


Assigning values that are incompatible results in runtime errors. Even though some preliminary checks are performed on conversions to prevent incompatible castings (for example, a conversion from 'Boolean' to 'date'), all conversions are generally considered unsafe because there’s no extra processing performed when applying them.