Create an External UI Connection

In a process application, you can configure human tasks to use an external UI—instead of a web form—for interacting with end users.

You can create and use external UI connections within dynamic as well as structured process tasks.

While using an external UI with a human task, note that you can only associate interfaces of applications that share the same identity domain as Oracle Integration.

To create a new external UI connection:
  1. Within a process application, select Forms on the Application Home tab.

  2. Click Create, and then select New External UI.

  3. In the resulting dialog, enter a name for the external UI connection, provide the destination URL, and click Next.


    You can also provide path or template parameters while specifying the external URL, for example,{instanceId}.
  4. Now, add the required query parameters for the URL. The following figure shows a few example parameters added:

    Description of externalui.png follows
    Description of the illustration externalui.png

    In addition to these parameters, the task ID parameter is passed with the value corresponding to the task ID. Click Next.

  5. In the Data tab, add custom payload attributes that you'll use to send/receive data from the external application. Unlike query parameters, here you can add complex business data types as well.


    Through these attributes, you can use the data from an external UI in any task within a process. However, you must perform a POST operation using the REST API to save the changes made to the payload attributes in the external UI. See Update the Task Payload.
  6. Click Create.

    Now, perform the necessary data associations and assign values to path parameters, query parameters, and payload attributes from within a process. The final URL invoked will have the following format:{instanceId}?permitId={permitid}&taskId={taskid}


You can edit the base URL of the external UI while activating your application.

To configure a human task with an external UI, see:

To integrate an external UI with the runtime process task list, see: