Description of the illustration dmn-dt-count.png

The image shows a decision called Discount Percent created using the Decision Table notation. The top-right corner of the image contains the Decision Table icon and the decision name. Below the name, there is an Add Description field with a Q&A link under it. The top-right corner of the image contains the Menu icon. Under the Menu icon, there is the Expand/Minimize button used to view or hide the decision logic.

The first row of the decision table contains the Decision Table label to the left and controls to add or delete rows or columns to the right. From left to right, controls available are: Add Rule Before, Add Rule After, Remove Rule, Add Column Before, Add Column After, and Remove Column. The second row contains the Hit Policy Indicator cell that has the Collect (Count) hit policy selected, an Input Expression cell that has the input variable Age used as the input expression, and an Output Label cell that contains the name of the decision, Discount Percent. There is an Allowed Values cell within the Input Expression cell and the Output Label cell. The value for this cell is set as Auto for the Input Expression cell and as Any for the Output Label cell. There are four subsequent rows that constitute rules of the decision table. Each row consists of a cell indicating the rule number (starting from 1 to 4), an Input Entry cell in the Input Expression column, and an Output Entry cell in the Output Label column. Values entered in input and output entry cells for each rule are as follows:

  • First rule: <18 and 15

  • Second rule: [18..45] and 5

  • Third rule: >45 and 10

  • Fourth rule: >60 and 15