Description of the Illustration er-example-set-presentation.png

This image shows the properties pane of the Screen Patient activity with the General tab expanded in the left-hand side. The General tab section shows that the Submit action is selected out of the submit and approve radio buttons. Below the radio button are the following fields: Title with value Screen the patient. Assignee with 1 Assignee selected, Task Summary providing a summary of the screen patient task., Form with the PatientForm selected, Due Date is blank, Presentation with the Screening presentation selected, Priority is set to Normal, and Action is selected as Submit. Below this is the Close button in the bottom right-hand corner. The Screen Patient properties pane is shown to the right-hand side of the General tab section. At the top are the General, Conditions, And Roles tabs. Below that is the Name field with the value Screen Patient. The description field below it is blank. Below that are three check boxes with options Repeatable, Required, and Manually Activated. The Required check boxes is selected. Below that is the Implementation section.