Description of the Illustration home-page2.png

This image shows the Oracle Process Cloud Service Composer home page. It is divided into two sections: component pane and PCS application list. The banner across the top of the page contains the name of the user currently logged into the Composer This is located on the right-hand side. The Options drop-down menu is to the right of the user name and contains the following options: Preferences, Help, and Sign-Out. The component pane contains the Create menu, Filters section, and Spaces section. From the Create menu you can create spaces, create applications from scratch or from sample applications, and import applications. From the Spaces section you can share a space, or select a space to view only applications in that space. To the right of the component pane is the PCS Application List. Click the application name to open the application. From the application list you can view the description, download applications to an .EXP files, and delete applications that you own. Short descriptions of each section have been added to the screenshot.